Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Chafing Dishes, Catering Products, Wooden Handicraft.

Rana overseas is a trusted brand across the globe for the supplies of antique and high quality products. The company being established since many years is a high quality manufacturer of catering products, chafing dishes, metal figurines, decorative items, gift items,Flower Vases and Planters, Silver Plated Gift Items, Figurines, Wooden Boxes and tripod Stands, Wooden Furniture, Wooden Incense Boxes and Incense Sticks, Wooden Partition Screen, Wooden Sofa Sets, Wooden Cobra Stands, Wooden Holy Book Stands, Wooden Rocking Chairs, Display stands, Stone Carved Boxes , Stone Undercut Elephants, Double sided Clocks, Gift Items, Lamp bases and Shades, Lanterns. With an objective in mind to bring innovations and maximum customer satisfaction, we ensure to target the right market with right products. We are major exporters of chafing dishes and other metal products. Dealing hugely in high end quality products, Rana Overseas is a renowned brand known for innovations and excellence.

Rana Overseas is a trusted Indian brand dealing with specialized metal products and catering products. With superior quality products that are specially designed by Indian master craftsmen, we offer service across the globe. Being a leading catering products exporter, our excellence forte includes high-quality designer chafing dishes, brass and copper catering essentials and we also deal with a lengthy array of decorative products. From a simple etched spoon to a carved catering trolley, you can shop for all catering products for your business needs.

At Rana Overseas you can look for products made of bamboo, flower vases, decorative planters, stylish candelabra collection, wooden incense boxes with incense sticks, carved stone boxes, lamp base and lamp shades, lanterns and more. We are also loved by our customers for the traditional wooden furniture with artistic and unique designs we offer like the wooden partition screen, wooden sofa, cobra stands, tripod stands and more. Think of catering products or chafing dishes or ethnic Indian decorative items at affordable prices, Rana Overseas is your ultimate shopping destination online for affordable rates, superior quality and unconditional service to the customers irrespective of their purchase value.